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Our Wait Continues…

on July 1, 2015

We’ve been pretty absent from here lately.  I think no updates since Christmas.  So sorry.  Unfortunately, it’s not been because we’ve been busy with a baby.  Here’s what we are up to:

The plan this summer is to approach our adoption “search” with a new approach and renewed energy.  So we are regularly adding to our Facebook page with posts from our adoption profile blog.  These posts are being centered around an adoption photo challenge that will show and tell a little more about who we are.  I’m pretty excited about it!  Here’s our first photo from our first post:

Week 1 Us

On this blog that you are on right now, which gives updates on our adoption journey, we plan to cycle posts between general updates on what’s been going on in the process, sharing with you another adoption site or blog so that you can see other perspectives, linking up to posts from our agency, and also sharing with you what kinds of things we are up to as a family when we are not focusing on our wait (there is life outside of our wait!).

Since we’ve not been on here since Christmas, I wanted to let you know a little about what’s gone on since then.  We had a pretty promising match in early Spring.  For close to a month, we thought we were going to have a 5 month old baby girl home with us just in time for Easter weekend.  Things were quick and intensely emotional.  For a while we spent a lot of time simply trying to flesh out whether there were other intentions with the potential birth family outside of placement of their daughter.  We even questioned whether there was actually a baby that existed.  We worked closely with our agency as we maintained contact with the family on our own (the contact came through our Parent Profiles site), but even so, we were forced to sever contact with them right before Easter weekend for a variety of ethical and legal reasons.

It was an emotionally difficult time for us.  I would definitely say that it was more difficult than the first disruption we experienced in November.  Since then, we’ve known of a few times that our profile book has gone out through our agency.  But we haven’t had any matches resulting from them.

We are hopeful that some of these new ways that we are trying to reach out will help to put us in contact us with the birth family we are meant to be with!  In the meantime, you can help by checking out our Facebook page, and liking it (by clicking the LIKE button at the top of the page that is on the rectangular photo).  And then after you’ve liked it, ask your friends to like it too!


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