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About Open Adoption

on July 17, 2015

How could I possibly love

One of the things that I mentioned that I’d be doing as I tried to pick up communicating through this blog again was to feature our agency a bit and show some of what they do.  One of the things that they maintain is a blog through their website.  I like to occasionally stop by their blog to see what they’ve added because it has content that is from both an adoptive and birth parent perspective.

One of the posts that they did about a year ago was about open adoption.  It helps others to understand what open adoption can look like and why it is so beneficial to have and maintain and open relationship.  When we began our journey through adoption years ago, there were some who didn’t understand what open adoption was and especially had a difficult time understanding that it was actually a positive thing.

Adoption has changed so much over the last several decades.  Some might find it hard to believe that 99% of the adoptions that our agency handles are open adoptions.  If you aren’t familiar with the many ways in which open adoption can be defined, I’d encourage you to take a look at their post on open adoption.  It’s a quick read!


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