Our 2nd Chance to Love a Second

Follow us on our adoption journey for a sibling for Jayden!

Wendy’s Adoption Cups

on November 12, 2015

National Adoption Awareness Month originally was started to draw attention to the more than 108,000 kids waiting in the foster system to be adopted.  You can read more about the history of the month-long celebration here.  The Dave Thomas Foundation (yeah, I’m talking about the Wendy’s Dave Thomas) is a non-profit that provides grants to raise awareness and bring attention to those children in foster care.

Wendy’s has released some unique cups in the past to raise awareness about adoption.  Currently, they’ve got some with kids’ drawings on them, which make them instantly cuter, in my humble opinion!  But, what’s even cooler, is that on their site, they have animated the drawings.  These drawings are from kids who were in foster care, but now have been adopted.  The drawings depict an experience with their new family.  Here’s Olivia’s:

Doug and I recently explored the possibility of a foster-to-adopt program.  I’ll give you all an update later this month on where we are in our process.


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