Our 2nd Chance to Love a Second

Follow us on our adoption journey for a sibling for Jayden!

And the winner is…

We launched the Giving Tree Fundraiser last month. Although we will gladly take additional ornament orders, as there are several ornaments remaining, yesterday was the final day to purchase so that you would have a chance to be entered into a drawing for an Amazon gift card. The numbered ornament purchased earned you that many entries into the drawing.

This evening, after cutting MANY tiny typed numbers, we held the drawing. So…..the winner is…..



Many thanks again to all of you who purchased an ornament, to those who helped to make the ornaments, and to those who shared this fundraiser with other family and friends! We greatly appreciate your generosity.

If you ordered an ornament in the last week or so and have not received it, it will be on its way in the next day or two. We still have a few more to get over to the post office to mail out.

If you are still interested in financially supporting us, you can still purchase an ornament, order coffee through Just Love, or make a tax-deductible donation to our AdoptTogether site.

As always, we appreciate, more than anything else, your positive thoughts and prayers. And also your help in liking and sharing our Facebook page with your own friends is much appreciated.

Have a blessed Christmas!

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Just Love Coffee

I wrote a few days ago to kick off a fundraiser that we were running.  If you missed it, go check out about our Giving Tree.  We are really excited about it!


There are some small companies out there that do fundraising with a hometown, personal feel to them.  Just Love Coffee is one of them.  Aside from just really, really great tasting coffee, they do some great things.  They began when co-founder Rob Webb was researching Ethiopian coffee farmers at the same time that he and his wife were trying to fund their own adoption process.  They realized the need for families to find good ways to raise funds to pay for adoptions.  When he started Just Love, the majority of profits went to several beneficiaries, including adoptive families, local schools, and arts organizations.

Take a minute to check out their site.  They do some pretty great things!  And they make some awesome coffee, too.  If you are close to us, invite yourself over to try a cup!  Seriously!  And if you want to just get your hands on some coffee, either for yourself or for a holiday gift, please shop through our storefront, as a portion of the profits benefit our adoption expenses.

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The Giving Tree: A New Way to Support Our Adoption

I’m exImagecited to be using this post today to kick off our final planned fundraiser that we are doing to raise money to help cover adoption costs.  Here’s how this works:

This little love tree holds 150 handmade ornaments, each numbered 1 – 150. Donations can be made for the amount that corresponds with an ornament number (#1 = $1.00, #50 = $50.00, #122 = $122.00, etc.).  As a thank you for your support, you will receive the numbered ornament that corresponds with your donation.  If all ornaments are purchased, we will raise over $10,000 for the Harris family’s adoption!  This will cover most expenses already incurred, including agency, retainer, and advertising fees.

All ornaments are a team effort created either by Lisa, Doug, or several generous volunteer helpers who donated their time towards the creation of these lovely, handmade treasures.

But that’s not all!  Each purchase will enter you into a raffle for a $100 Amazon gift card.  The higher the number that you purchase, the better your chances are of winning!  Purchasing #1 will earn you one entry, purchasing #50 will earn you 50 entries, and so on.  The raffle drawing will take place on December 15, 2014, so you must purchase an ornament by the end of the day on December 14, 2014, to be considered.  Even if you don’t make the deadline, you can still donate for ornaments.

Rather make a tax-deductible donation?  Visit their AdoptTogether site to make a tax-deductible donation.  These donations will not receive an ornament and raffle entries, so why not do both?!?

Efforts will be made to distribute ornaments in a timely fashion for Christmas.  Locally purchased ornaments will be hand-delivered.  All other ornaments will be shipped in the most cost-effective manner possible.

To go to the ornament fundraising site, click here or on the Giving Tree photo above.

One more thing…Please share this with anyone that you think might be interested.  Wouldn’t it be great to have ALL 150 ornaments covered by the end of the fundraiser?!?

Note: Ornament based on a design by Soles.


Yard Sale Success!

I wanted to post an update on our yard sale to let you know how it went.  I didn’t include in this post one funny part about the preparation for the yard sale that I wanted to tell.  It’s funny…when you look at yard sale donations to try to assess the amount of “stuff” that you have, it’s all packed up in boxes.  It doesn’t look like much until it’s all out of the boxes and on tables.  So, on Friday, before I went home, I took a look at everything and thought, “You know, our neighborhood is having a yard sale this weekend.  I could go around and try to solicit yard sale ‘leftovers’ from people around the neighborhood on Saturday morning before we do the big preparations on Saturday.”  So I did that before we left, thankfully only having the energy to visit with people on our street.

Well, we sorted and priced ALL DAY LONG on Saturday.  And still weren’t finished.  And were quickly running out of room in the garage, both on tables and under tables.  And all I could think on the way home was, “Please don’t let there be anything from our neighbors in front of our house.”  You know where I’m going with this…

We pulled up in the driveway to find other people’s leftovers piled three feet high in front of the entire garage door…*sigh*

So, I am grateful for those leftovers, because they certainly helped our profits.  But…it certainly challenged us that week!

On Thursday night, the night before the yard sale, I was a bit concerned.  I knew there was still quite a bit to price and get out of boxes.  Here’s what it looked like Thursday afternoon right before I’d had it with yard sale stuff and needed a break:

It drizzled and sprinkled all week, making it difficult to get much done in the crowded garage and making it impossible to get price stickers to stick on some of the items.  We set up tents on Thursday and put as much stuff under them and covered that stuff with tarps.

Friday morning turned out to be a great day!  The weather was disgustingly humid and the skies threatened to open several times, but we had a steady crowd of people and sold most of the big stuff by noon.  And then, this happened…


The picture doesn’t quite do justice to the amount of rain that came down, or how quickly the sky went from blue to dark gray, or how scarily close the lightning was.  Needless to say, it put a damper on the yard sale for the day and we spent a lot of time trying to salvage what we could because of the water damage from the storm.

Saturday was GORGEOUS!!!  We had perfect weather for a yard sale.  Traffic was a steady trickle, instead of like the stream from the day before.  If the goal for Friday was to clear out the big stuff, the goal for Saturday was to clear out as much as possible.  At noon, we handed out bags to our customers, telling them that anything they could fit in the bag would be a flat $5.

At 2 PM, we officially closed, but I was super grateful for the artist, bluegrass fan, and banjo/ukulele student (Talking to people who came was one of the best parts of the weekend!  We met several people who have been touched by adoption in some way and many others who were simply supportive of our desires to adopt.) who came 45 minutes past our ending time and gave us a few bucks to take away the framed artwork that was ruined by the rain the day before…it was about 10 large frames and I had no idea what to do with them.  She was planning on selling her own artwork in them.

It took a lot of energy and pitching in from lots of people to get cleaned up.  We were super grateful for the patience of our friends who agreed to host the sale.  I know what a pain it must have been to deal with the clutter and not have a garage for several weeks, but Jim reassured me that we had not yet “overstayed our welcome!”

In addition to pulling kids’ clothes and baby items to consign, donating toys to our day cares, and delivering vases to a local florist, we doled out leftovers to organizations who would most benefit from them:

Habitat for Humanity’s Re-Store

Purple Heart

Dress For Success

I also pulled out tons of fabric to repurpose for our next fundraiser that will come in the fall.  More details later, but I am super excited about what we’ll be raffling and “selling!”

So, before the yard sale began, I had a quiet goal in mind for what I wanted.  I didn’t tell too many people, because I wasn’t sure how outrageous the goal was.  I knew I’d be really disappointed if we made less than $500 and thrilled if we made over $1000.  We did!  We made just over $1000!  And that doesn’t count cash donations and Adopt Together donations that came in to us as a result of yard sale publicity!

If you are reading this and you had something to do with the yard sale, THANK YOU!!!!!  We are still getting thank you cards out, so if you haven’t received one, it will be coming!  We were exhausted at the end of the weekend, and if I never look at one of those little yellow price dot stickers again, I’d be quite happy!  But it was worth it.  Thanks!

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Yard Sale Fundraiser!

So, we are feeling a bit overwhelmed.  In a good way, but overwhelmed, nonetheless.  Or maybe I should say that our friends’ garage is feeling overwhelmed!  We’ve been planning a yard sale fundraiser to raise money to help cover adoption expenses.  It’s coming up this Friday and Saturday, so this past Saturday, we spent the entire day, with the help of friends and family, sorting and pricing donated items for the yard sale and filling the tables with them.  The garage walls are bursting!  With things like these:


We’ve had to start turning away donations, we have so much, which is making us feel blessed by everyone who has donated so far.

If you’d like to see the Craigslist ad advertising for it, you can find it here.

If you are local, we are still looking for donations of soda, individually packaged snacks, donuts, and baked goods!  Please consider helping us out by donating any of those items.  Comment below if you are able to help or contact one of us and we can make arrangements.

Thanks for everything so far and we hope we’ll see you on Friday or Saturday!  🙂


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My Etsy Shop is Now Open!

Etsy logo

I’m so excited to announce that my shop on Etsy, Grown in my Heart, by Lisa Harris, is now officially open with a limited number of items for sale!  Between all of the germs that have been floating around this house since Christmas, it’s a miracle that I’ve had any time to do anything with it, but here it is!

I’ve wanted to try out an Etsy shop for a long time now.  Needing another source of income to fund our adoption has given me the motivation to try it out, and working part-time has provided me the time.  So, most days that I am not teaching I am “working from home” (I love the sound of that!) on things related to the shop.  I’m finding (or rather, rediscovering) that I love making things!  I love the days that I don’t teach because I feel like I’m doing something I really love.  I’d really love to also make some money doing it, but right now, I’m just loving creating.

So far, I’m featuring sewn items, but I’ve got some plans up my sleeve to begin an adoption-related series of mixed media pieces that will feature monoprinting and fabric embellishments.  I will continue to work on sewn items, and if you have any ideas for something you’d like me to make for you, let’s talk!  I’m completely self-taught with most of what I am doing.  I didn’t grow up with anyone teaching me how to do this stuff, and I’m not intimidated by something that I don’t know how to do.  YouTube and Pinterest are great teachers!

So, please, visit my shop and let me know what you think…I’d love some constructive feedback!

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