Our 2nd Chance to Love a Second

Follow us on our adoption journey for a sibling for Jayden!


Pursuing the adoption of a child can be incredibly costly, whether it is a domestic or international pursuit.  To view more information on some details about adoption, including costs, visit our Advocacy page.

One of the most helpful ways that you can support us is through prayer.  We need prayers for patience in our wait, a calmness in our financial anxieties with adoption, and wisdom in our decisions.  We need prayers for wisdom for expectant mothers who may be making an adoption plan and that they are provided someone with whom they can weigh this decision.  And, if we are matched, we need prayers for the health and overall well-being of both the birth mother and baby.

Another helpful thing that you can do is to like our facebook page and share it with your friends.  And then ask your friends to share it with their friends.  And so on.  Getting the word out to others is the best way to network and find a potential birth mother match.

And finally, we are asking for financial support.  Whether out of pride or our naivete, we funded our entire first adoption on our own.  We are humbly asking for help from family, friends, and loved ones and are using several means of asking for help.


Our first fundraiser is selling coffee through Just Love Coffee Roasters.  Next time you need to stock up on coffee, visit our site .  For every purchase you make, we receive a portion of the sale.  Doug has tried their coffee and is raving about it!

We have created a family profile on AdoptTogether.  If you are interested in making a flat-out, tax-deductible donation to us, this is a great site to visit.  We had our family profile approved on January 24, 2014!  You can view our profile and consider making a donation through our link.

Also, I am peddling my ‘wares through Etsy.  If you are interested in purchasing handmade, upcycled crafted items by me, that’s your place to go!  I also plan to sell a limited number of mixed media art pieces.  I’m up and running with a limited number of items.  Visit the shop at Grown in my Heart, by Lisa Harris.  All of the profits will go directly towards adoption expenses.

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  1. Kelly says:

    I can second that the coffee is great!

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